Here is a list of clubs attending our show as of Feb 2024

Abingdon IPMS
Airport Aerodrome & Airfield SIG
Boscombe Down Aviation Collection (BDAC) Modellers
Brockhouse Collection (Zeppelin display)
Churchill SIG
Cold War Sig
Earley Risers
Exeter IPMS ISCA Model Club
Farnborough IPMS
French Airforces SIG
Gloucester IPMS (incorporating Cotswold PSM)
Great War SIG
Gulf War Sig
Harrier Sig
Mendip Modellers
Middleton Cheyney IPMS
Mirage SIG
Models for Heros
Modern British Armour SIG
North Devon Model Society (NDMS) IPMS
Poole Vikings Model Club (IPMS Dorset)
Romsey Modellers
South Somerset (SOSO Modellers)
Southampton IPMS
Tank Museum Modellers
Tank Transporter SIG
Thames Valley IPMS
West Middlesex IPMS

If you would like to join us in 2024 then please contact our Model Show Organiser using the links below: or use our Model Show Enquiry Form.

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