2nd April Club Night 2024

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, in Britain however, it falls everywhere…

The rain still continued to pour though at least it was a lot lighter after the clocks had gone forward on the weekend. After the Flashmod on the Easter bank holiday a couple of members continued to work on the kits that they had started. Paul finished his Airfix Hussar and found it a refreshing change of pace for him. John S finished his Tamiya Achilles and brought it along. The wet look was courtesy of the rain rather than a deliberate weathering decision.

Bob L also finished his kit of the ‘Tony’ in 1/48, now green rather than silver as it appeared at Flashmod. Rather than finish his M1 Sibo purchased a Hummer to go with it that Oz brought along to the club for him.

The main event for the night was a ‘show and tell’ by Paul C. He has a distinct style and it was interesting to see how simple his techniques are.

Next club night is NATO, so a large turnout of models is expected as well as a presentation by Sibo. With Club attendance at Poole on the 13th (say hello if passing) a few new purchases are also expected on the tables at the next club night.