Virtual Flash Mod April 2020

Here we are folks our first ever Virtual Flash Mod.
Participants had 6 hours to go from boxed kit to complete kit, this they could do between 2nd & 19th April.


Entrants had exactly 6 hours to do as much as they could on a chosen newly opened kit.
To do this remotely; they had to take time stamped pictures or have a clock face visible in the photo.
One picture at the start point and then a pic each and every hour till they arrived at the 6 hour point.

And here are the finished models..

Hover your mouse over the images to see their number and name, or click on the first image and click through the images using the arrow controls to the left and right of each image.

We need a winner, so how do I vote?

Please use the comments section below to cast your vote, enter the number of the model you think is the best model made in the 6 hour time period.

12 thoughts on “Virtual Flash Mod April 2020

  1. Well done every one who took part. Great fun as always. We’ll see how long this lockdown is set to continue – maybe long enough for a second Flashmod? Stay safe and well – Sibo.

  2. 7 for me.

    Wasn’t quite the same without Declan’s banter, but still a fun way to fill the day. I felt more pressure doing it this way than our usual ‘live’ session, as had to make sure I emailed a time-stamped photo every hour! Let’s have another soon please…

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