It is always great to see so many members at club nights, and to welcome new members as well, it shows that the hobbie is still going strong.

Last nights meeting was no exception, great lineup of newly completed models on display, and some new WIPs.

We had a great day at the South West Model Show helded at the Tank Museum, thank you to the events staff for putting this on:

There are more model shows coming on line, here are the ones we will be attending this year:

October 2nd – Abingdon
October 16th – REME
October 24th – Yeovil
November 13th-14th – Telford
November 21st – Middle Wallop
November 21st – Bugle Call

We will be holding our Open Model Competition on October 19th the winning entry will go forward to the National Competition in November.

Our AGM will be helded on November 2nd.

Click Here to see our current calendar of events.