FlashMod 24 – March 2024

Flashmod –  is a group of people that assembles suddenly in a public place, performs for a brief time, then quickly disperses…

On Easter Friday, 29th of March Phil M was good enough to provide the venue and Sibo the organisation of a Flashmod. Following the usual 6 hour build, 8 of the 13 attendees started a new kit, Chris M choose a Cobi Panzer III for a change of pace. Mick and Phil decided to continue on existing projects instead, and Anne did some knitting. Tony H provided good banter rather than commit to any model making.  John S and his son were first time Flashmod attendees. John’s son brought along a Revell Hawk and John a Tamiya 1/35 scale kit. Husband and wife Chris and Roisin both had Resin busts to paint up. Sibo a 1/72 Abrams by Meng, Colin a Testors Curtiss Float plane and Paul an old 54mm Airfix Hussar. Another first timer at Flashmod was Bob L with a 1/48 ‘Tony’ Japanese WWII fighter. A wide range of model interests on the tables. At 10am Colin announced the start and a hush fell over the room…

Progress for all was good, though John had a busy kit to contend with as well as a couple of road wheels that disappeared off the build table that a group hunt could not find. Colin had an old kit so filler and sanding was needed, Sibo’s M1 was the opposite end of the scale being a marvel of new tooling. Chris and Roisin got straight down to painting, though it seemed that Roisin made much more progress than Chris. Paul and Bob where noticeably quiet in comparison to other club members in the hall, they were very focused on their builds. 

By midday clear progress was visible at all desks, even Sibo who normally still has a bunch of parts hidden amongst various tools and paints at this stage. Packed lunches were opened and for the most part consumed. Apart from Mick who was seen with the hairdryer that is used for paint drying, attempting to dry out his Tuna Sandwich that had become wet from a spilt water container. Admitting defeat (Rather than dry it just became a warm wet sandwich) Bob was gracious enough to give Mick one of his sandwiches. Sadly for Bob it did not alter voting, but was jolly good of him.

John’s son was first to get decals on to his black Hawk, though the running of airbrushes was constant from the first hour and a slight fog was present in the room, the fumes perhaps adding to the good vibe in the room. Tea was consumed as was the Swiss Roll cakes provided by Sibo. A third roll needed due to the high number of members taking part. Paul and Chris M shared a table, Chris needing a little less space as she built a Cobi/Lego style tank. It was more involved than expected so surprised everyone to not be finished at the 6 hour point. While taking tea, Phil M pulled up details on his phone to check on his Bismarck while the group put forward family names for ‘King Kong’. That’s a different story that could lead to a diorama.

The last hour shot by in a blur with Colin being able to even get some rigging done. Chris S and Roisin decided to slow their painting so to have a finish they were happy with and not try to force the pace. With the end in sight Sibo realised he had glued the gun mantle on upside down and wrestled to get it off and reattached the correct way with 4 minutes to go. Tony H was able to oversee the models being placed on the table for informal ‘judging’ amongst ourselves. John had done well to hid the missing road wheels and he acknowledged it was a learning experience to do a Flashmod build, something Sibo finally seemed to grasp as he had almost finished his tank. Paul C also was close to finishing, the detailed paint on the Hussar had slowed him down.

In the end the results were tallied. Bob L with his ‘Tony’ and Roisin with her Boadicea bust gained 3rd, Paul and his 54mm mounted Hussar 2nd and Joint first went to Sibo and his Abrams tank and Colin W with his Curtiss Floatplane. It was suggested to vote again between the tied models but, perhaps due to everyone wanting to get away to start Easter at home, instead everyone was happy for it to stay tied, so two names will appear for March 2024 on the trophy. A very quick tidy up and off the members went, Chris and her mum Anne departed along with Tony, Mick, Colin and John and his son.
Chris S and Roisin expressed that the painting would continue that night as they headed out. Bob and Paul followed soon after leaving the final lock up to Sibo and Phil.
Fun times.