7th Dec Club Theme Night 2021

As it was the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour it was fitting our first theme night for a very long time was on the Pacific War..

We had a nice selection of models covering the Pacific theme.

Our numbers were drastically cut last night, some due to COVID, while the dark nights might count for the others and the weather might have been a factor, but we had small intimate gathering, so not a total wash out.

Phil L brought in his finished Apollo 13 with damage. Interesting to know that three of the four feet on the lunar module had probes that extended three feet from them, this was so they knew the craft was just of the surface before cutting the engines to land. So you see modelling can be informative as well as fun.

Plenty of new purchases and builds on the go…

Bob L’s collection of Bi-Planes seem to grow with each passing meeting, great to see our members trying something new.

Our final meeting of 2021 will be our in house model show, looking forward to what themes members come up with.

Until next time, stay safe, and happy modelling..