Mike M’s Spitfire

I shall be basing mine on one flown by P/O Zdzislaw of No. 318 “City of Gdańsk” Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron. This was a Polish tactical reconnaissance squadron formed in Great Britain as part of an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and Britain in 1940. It was one of several Polish squadrons fighting alongside the RAF during World War II.

The squadron was formed on 20th March 1943 at RAF Detling, Kent from personnel of No. 309 Squadron and after training with Hawker Hurricane Mk.Is it moved to the Middle East, operating from RAF Muqeibila and RAF Gaza and continuing its training, specifically with II Corps of the Polish Army, by now using Hurricane Mk.IIBs. Training went on until 1944, when the squadron converted to Supermarine Spitfires.

The squadron was then involved in ground attack and tactical reconnaissance operations over Italy in support of the Eighth Army and saw action at the Battle of Monte Cassino. After hostilities ceased the squadron remained in Italy for another year, but on 15 August 1946 it handed over its aircraft and returned to the UK, soon after, the squadron was disbanded at RAF Coltishall.

Mike’s Journey will be revealed below: