Mike H Build Pt 1

Well boys I am a month behind all of you but have started. As you can see I like to prime all of the sprues first and then paint as much as I can on the sprues before gluing.

First problem was the paint. As you can see the instructions tell you to use ”Sky Blue ”, no mention of which company to use.

Tamiya Sky blue X- 14 is a very different colour to others. Its a very bright blue and not the shade on the box photo. So, I tried to match the box colour which turns out to be either Tamiya Sky XF-21 or Humbrol Beige Green 90.

Tamiya does not do the XF-21 in a spray but the Humbrol is in a spray can. To brush or spray? Easy use the spray!

Next up will be to paint the Cockpit sidewalls and instruments – all on the sprues.

Hope to catch up when this Virus has gone.

Will keep you informed about the build as I go – News Flash just finished the display board.