Mike H Build Pt 4

Here in some photos and comments on my ‘Spitfire Build’ Well as you can see I have managed to get the two halves of the fuselage together, I say managed it was an absolute nightmare!!

I test fitted the halves together about 4 times to make sure everything fitted together , which it did. Applied glue and surprise, surprise, two thirds glued together well.
The last third would just not glue!!

I tried, Tamiya liquid glue, Plastic Magic, Revell, Humbrol, and Plastic Weld – nothing would glue. Out came the super glue, no not even that.
I clamped them together , taped them together ,nope nothing would glue that final third. Bin time for this kit! Last try, No More Nails!

Yes finally went together. As you can see I have had to fill the seam as well, so next stop sanding down! Heaven!!