Mike H Build Pt 5

Well here we go again, as you can see i have attached the wings – sort of. Glued but not a good fit, wing to fuselage on both sides have large gaps, filled with ‘Perfect Putty’ but has left a step on the Starboard side to deal with . Underneath, gaps with a step on the join. This seems to have been caused by the cockpit sub assembly.

I fitted this in accordance with the instructions, lining up the side walls as per instructions and guide markings on the fuselage sides, but by doing this it leaves a overlap where the wings line up with the cockpit floor. The cockpit sub assemble is slightly too large, hence it will not line up properly. Thanks to putty and sanding it sort of fits. Next problem whilst fettling all this, the top seam came apart again!

After half a gallon of ‘Plastic Weld’ and heavy metal its stuck. Next stop, rudder and wing fittings – wish me luck – this model is getting closer to the bin each time I model it.