Richard – Build pt 3

Another successful weekends modelling on my Spitfire.

Cockpit complete, fuselage glued together, had a bit of sanding to do on the joins, nothing to problematic.

Fitted a set of Mk.VIII/Mk.IX- Late version fabric seat belts with etched buckles from HGW (HGW132004)

Wings finished, just have to prim them and paint cockpit green to the upper section were the cockpit slots in.

Added a set of Z-Block 4-Slot Main resin wheels from Barracuda Studios (BCR32010)

Canopy to paint and fit next, then mask before priming the plane ready for painting.

I will leave the engine detailing whilst I wait for the paint to dry on the spitfire.

List of Upgrade parts

  • HGW132004 – Fabric Seatbelts plus photo etched buckles
  • BCR32010 – Z-Block 4-Slor resin main wheels