15th Sept Farnborough Model Show 2018

Dave, Rich, Mick, Tony & Bill took the trip to Farnborough for their annual model show. For most of us the trip up was uneventful, clear roads and we all made good time from our various jump of points.

Our stand was soon up and bulging with modelling goodness.

We seem to be a magnetic for the punters, we had a steady stream of people all day, stopping and asking questions of the models and taking lots of photos.

I put it down to the sheer breadth and depth of what our members turn out, we are not know for just one thing and one thing only. We have tanks, planes, figures, sci-fi, clean, dirty, rusted etc, you name it and you will find something on the table that fits that genre.

The show was laid out over two halls, we were in the first hall, I should say crammed in, there was not a lot of room to sit down behind the table, we got very personal with the group behind us. That would be the only negative from the show.

The other hall was very well spaced out and they had lots of legroom.

Plenty of traders happy to help you part with your money. I was seen to walk away with a 1/24 scale Sea Harrier, more on this in a later blog or perhaps a build article.

As I am building a Mosquito restoration diorama, this model caught my eye.




A very nice representation of a Mosquito being fixed.

Not sure if its a museum piece or a WWII factory build diorama, could not see a label on the table and no one around to ask.



All in all a good day.

I managed to steer clear of the burger van, but the smell was too much temptation in the end, so I relented. Very nice it was to.

We will certainly be back next year.