Great to get together with like minded modellers and have a day of modelling…

Seven deadly modellers arrived at the flash mod venue, boxes and bags full of modelling stuff ready to do battle against the clock, 6 hours to make a model from start to finish.

In the line up we had a Stuka, Stuart, Kitty Hawk, Fries Kran, Millennium Falcon, Scharnhorst & a Mark IV Female tank….

Modelling got under way at 10am..

Timing is everything when doing a flash mod, pacing yourself is equally as important, no annoying judges or TV crew to get in the way of the modelling, allowing the creative juices to flow, and no improvised “Scratch Build Challenge” here.

And the winner was, Sophie with her Millennium Falcon, second was Paul C with his Meng Scharnhorst

And the best of the rest…

Congrats to everyone who turned up (Sibo, Paul, Colin, Sophie, John, Mike & Richard) for a great day.