4th Feb Theme/Club Night 2020

So it has begun, our 1/32 Spitfire Group Build was official launched last night, 11 members will be partaking, kits include Revell, Tamiya & Hasegawa…

Our happy band of Group Builders with their kits, how many will make it to next year’s “Shelf of Doom”?

Not many I hope.
Great excitement was had last night as those in the build group discussed the merits of their kits, what mods if any (except for Phil who seems to be modifying his entire kit) they will be making and possible diorama scenarios.
Some very interesting themes being thought of, visit our group build section to see each of our builders pages, and what they hope to achieve in six months….

Our theme was “Shelf of Doom”, so anything that has not made it or been completed, for whatever reason, there were quite a few of these…

There where plenty of WIPs on display but only one purchase..

Only a few completed or nearly completed builds where on show..

What a turnout of members as well, our largest ever, 32 in total plus two potential new members.

Richard brought along his light box to snap some more models for the Members Gallery, these will be online shortly.