3rd March Theme/Club Night 2020

What a turn out. Our club numbers are growing month on month. More new members tonight, we are getting close to 40 members.Another good night was had by all, our theme tables were covered in so much silver paint that it was difficult to see anything from the glare.

The one to one scale Silver spray can was a firm favourite with the guys.

More models were photographed for our growing members gallery, still have a few more members to bring their models in – time is running out guys.

There were a few WIPs on show, and only one Spitfire from the group build, Richard’s Tamiya kit coming along nicely. You can see his progress here.

A few new members builds were on show..

It was good to see an old hand showing a youngster how to build a model, or was it a case of young eyes helping out an old hand?

Next meeting our Chairman walks us through rusting plastic…