18th March Club Night 2020

This may well be our last meeting for the foreseeable future, good to see some members make it to the meeting.

11 of us made it to the meeting, we all kept our distance from each other, not difficult as we have had plenty of practice doing this over the years (lol).

We had cakes provided by our chairman and we watched a video on the restoration/rebuild of a Spitfire, MJ772 at Biggin Hill.

Richard brought along his two 1/32 Spitfires as WIPs Mick had two models as WIPs, an M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle and an OH-6 Loach.

Dave B had some 1/72 scale vehicles…

Sibo brought along some models for sale..

Well that’s it folks, for the time being at least, we would like to wish all of you to say safe and healthy over the coming months.

Until next time…..