…. the action or process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession.

The following pics & words are from Sibo.

Colin W invited Kevin along to talk with the club about the practicalities of 3D printing.
He brought along his ‘Anycubic’ machines as well as showing the club the software. Through the night the printer ran, producing a model tank.
Don was already thinking about getting one, it looks to be a certainty now. Kevin had a few of his own Sci-fi projects to show too.
All members learned a few things regarding the ease of home printing and the simplicity of operating the software.

Bob Leach had a completed Wildcat in Fleet Air Arm colours and invasion stripes on the table from the Hobby Boss kit.
Also completed in British colours but of a more modern theme were Richard Lane’s AFVs all from Resin 3D prints to coincide with the talk the club received.
Chris Marston had 2 models on display, the Matchbox MG was in a deep red courtesy of Tamiya paint with a personalised VRN.
The Bloodhounds along with a SWB Land Rover and trailer are from Airfix. Original boxing or Vintage classic?

There were a few models in various states of progress.
Tony is putting some effort into a Space shuttle kit that was an unexpected gift, Phil had another beautiful 1/700 ship, this time the Hood along with an unstarted Bismark. Jon S had 2 black finished models that he had issues with.
Hopefully some of the club advice given will help him sort out the problem and get the builds over the line.
A three engined model this time for Bob already underway.

A few kits on display looked ready to be started.
Sibo’s choice for the group build was the Airfix Arado.
Don had a large 1/32 Vampire and Malcolm a ‘Retriever’ HUP-2 Helicopter chosen by him as it was involved in the recovery of re-entry vehicles from the US space program.

Our next meeting on March 5th will be a talk by Brian R on the Israeli Merkava Tank – not to be missed