Wacky Races 2018 – Rules & Regulations

As the year draws quickly to a close the annual ‘Wacky race’ is set for the final club night of 2018.  As before bottles of wine are up for winning along with the prestige of having the fastest Wheeled vehicle, the fastest Tracked or even legged, as well as best of show.  Always a fun and Interactive night.

The rules are below, pretty much the same as last year but you can re-enter a previous contest vehicle this time.

Wacky Racers – 18th December


Class T  – Tracked vehicles ( includes legged vehicles)

Class W – Wheeled vehicles

The Racing

Races are run by Class. No mixing of vehicles of different classes is permitted.

Knock-out heats of two vehicles per heat will be run until, by elimination, there is a clear winner.

A false start will require heat to be re-run. Two false starts will lead to disqualification of that vehicle from all future races.

Race track 

This a clear unobstructed straight line run over a course of at least 6m straight with marked start and finish line.


Prizes are awarded for:

First placed tracked vehicle

First placed wheeled vehicle

Best presented competitor model


Racing results judge must be a non-competitor.

Best presented competing model will be judged by Club members present by an anonymous vote.


  1. Competing vehicles must be self propelled.
  2. No external power source, or control permitted, use of hands to guide or re-align models is permitted.
  3. No change, or replenishment of power is permitted once the vehicle has raced for the first time with the exception of clockwork, or elastic band power.
  4. Standing starts only allowed.
  5. Only basic running repairs are permitted once the event has started.
  6. The model must be primarily the work of the competitor. Previous entries’ can enter as long as the model is the competitors not belonging to someone else.
  7. The judge’s decision is final and binding